Our portfolio consists of leading companies who are scientific and engineering game changers in their own capacity. We spearhead innovation and support high potential companies to deliver financial success while mitigating risk. Meet our portfolio companies who are at the forefront of leveraging science and technology.

Amazing Ambrosia Pvt. Ltd. is unique Water Technology Platform that seeks to identify and solve India's water problems by sourcing, developing and adapting innovative technologies and intellectual property, and manufacturing world class products thereby creating an exponentially transformative impact.

Swasti Veda is mandated to revolutionize the plant-based medicine with application of scientific rigor to build higher confidence and trust amongst the consumers and investigators on natural medicines, develop a comprehensive digital platform called PlantForm to engage multiple groups and engage with the innovators to develop plant-based formulations backed by a diverse team of professionals. It is developing a proprietary platform to enable innovators commercialize their products with scientific validation. The current product pipeline includes plant-based products for diabetes, arthritis, asthma, multi-drug resistance, etc. with several patents filed and clinical trials underway.

Hyperion Research Private Limited (HRPL) is a research-oriented Energy-tech that identifies proven technologies around the globe in renewable and alternate energy space and commercializes solutions with large addressable markets in India, using core technologies developed across the world, that address high-impact social problems in the key areas of food, health and security.